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Life and Health Insurance in Colorado and Across The U.S.

Allow Peterson Insurance Agency, Inc. to provide you with quality life insurance and health insurance plans that can protect you and your family from undue financial burdens. With policies available from a large pool of insurance providers, we can find plans to fit your exact coverage needs. Call us today at 719-586-0331 to speak with Colleen Peterson, our experienced insurance agent. Our agency serves clients in Pueblo and Pueblo-West, Colorado and across the United States.

Life Insurance

A life insurance plan can protect your family from the financial burden of a funeral and other costs related to your passing. Our insurance agency locates policies from a number of providers to help you find the plan with the flexibility and coverage levels that you will need. We will help you to ensure that your family is financially secured when you pass on. Your beneficiaries could use life insurance funds to:
  • Replace Lost Income
  • Pay Funeral Expenses, Estate Taxes, and Household Debts
  • Pay a Child's Education Expenses
  • Supplement Retirement Savings

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

Life insurance premiums are usually based on physical attributes like height and weight, your general health status, and whether you participate in any activities that put you at high risk. For more detailed information, call us to schedule an appointment with an insurance agent.

Health Insurance

A quality health insurance plan is necessary to ensure that you have funds available to pay for healthcare in the event of a major health expense. At Peterson Insurance Agency, Inc., we strive to help our clients find affordable health insurance policies that meet their coverage needs. We can never predict when a major health crisis might occur, so it is imperative to be prepared. Schedule an appointment today and an experienced insurance agent will assist you in locating the insurance plan that is right for you.

What Can Be Covered by Health Insurance?

Health insurance plans may cover a variety of health care needs, from hospitalization mental health and substance abuse counseling. Our insurance agency will assist you in choosing a plan that meets your specific needs and budget concerns.

Vision and Dental Insurance

Peterson Insurance Agency, Inc. offers quality insurance plans to assist with the costs of potential vision and dental problems. Dental and vision insurance plans are relatively inexpensive and they can save you thousands on dental procedures and vision care in the long run. If you need vision insurance or dental insurance, call us now at 719-586-0331 to speak with an insurance agent.